Meet the Swiss Jedi: Unmasking the Woman Behind the Mask

My name is Corinne (or short: Coco). I'm a Swiss enthusiast who finds joy in capturing the world of toys through my lens. Growing up in the eighties, I owe my love for the coolest TV series and movies—mostly sci-fi or action genres—to my Dad. He's the reason I'm such a huge Star Wars fan. But my interests extend beyond that—I'm also deeply into Back to the Future, Marvel, Battlestar Galactica, Batman, Superman, Terminator, Star Trek, and a plethora of other pop culture delights! 

Photography has always been my passion. In the early 2000s, I focused on snapping pictures of tuned cars at various exhibitions. However, there came a time when my interest waned. Fortunately, in early 2016, the spark reignited. It all began with photos of my Doctor Who TITANs vinyl figures collection. Soon after, I discovered the world of Funko POPs—those little figures are an absolute blast to photograph! As time marched on, I found myself diving deeper into the toy community. I dipped my toes into 1/6 scale figures, LEGO, and action figure photography. This hobby provides a refreshing contrast to my day job. And the best part? I can indulge in buying way too many toys because, well, I'm capturing their essence through my lens. What more could a girl ask for?! :-)